INOVTEK Polbeng - Seri Informatika

Journal Inovasi dan Teknologi (Inovtek) Polbeng Seri Informatika (ISI) Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis is an informatics journal based on scientific research. This journal is expected to be a forum for all academics, researchers, and practitioners to disseminate research results. INOVTEK Journal Polbeng - Informatics Series publishes manuscripts relating to Web and Mobile Computing, Image processing, Intelligent Systems, Information Systems, Databases, DSS, IT project management, Geographical Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Network and Security, Wireless Sensor Networks, and others. 

ISI is an open-access journal. Readers may read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles without any charge. All submitted papers are peer-reviewed before being accepted for publication. The authors who intend to submit manuscripts to ISI should follow the norms described in the guidelines.

Each volume in a year is published in electronic form with a different number. The publication with the number 1 in June and number 2 in November.  The language used in this journal is Bahasa Indonesia and English.

ISI has been ACCREDITED in SINTA 3  by Directorate General of Strengthening Research and Development-Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education-Republic of Indonesia in 2019 for Volume 4 Number 2 to Volume 9 Number 1 with No 36/E/KPT/2019.

Journal title: Inovtek Polbeng Seri Informatika
Initials: ISI
Frequency: 2 issues per year
DOI: Prefix 10.35314 by Crossref
ISSN: 2527-9866
Accreditation: SINTA 3 SK. No. 36/E/KPT/2019
Editor-in-chief: Agus Tedyyana
Managing Editor: Jaroji
Publisher: P3M Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis
Citation Analysis: Google Scholar, Crossref

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Vol 5, No 2 (2020)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Cover dan Daftar Isi
Tim Editor
| Abstract views: 5 | PDF views: 6
i - v


Rengga Asmara, Muhammad Febrian Ardiansyah, Muhammad Anshori
| Abstract views: 100 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia) views: 19
Ilwan Syafrinal, Dasril Aldo
| Abstract views: 87 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia) views: 5
Imas Maskanah
| Abstract views: 63 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia) views: 18
Yanti Puspita Sari, Aji Primajaya, Agung Susilo Yuda Irawan
| Abstract views: 146 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia) views: 17
Zaenal Mutaqin Subekti, Subandri Subandri
| Abstract views: 53 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia) views: 6
Tri Retnasari, Titin Prihatin
| Abstract views: 83 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia) views: 9
Rinto Priambodo, Trie Maya Kadarina
| Abstract views: 109 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia) views: 24
Ellya Nurfarida, Kunti Eliyen, Benni Agung Nugroho
| Abstract views: 75 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia) views: 6
Taufik Rahman, Fatwa Aulia Rahman
| Abstract views: 74 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia) views: 4
Imam Ahmad, Rohmat Indra Borman, Jafar Fakhrurozi, Gavan Gorbi Caksana
| Abstract views: 264 | PDF views: 44 | PDF views: 11
Aep Setiawan
| Abstract views: 83 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia) views: 22
Muhammad Akbar Agung Triputra, Yuli Fitrisia
| Abstract views: 82 | PDF views: 12
rahmiati rahmiati, Dedy Irfan, Agustin Agustin, Siska Hediyati
| Abstract views: 80 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia) views: 8
Bibit - Sudarsono, Umi - Faddillah, Triya - Anesti, Ipin - Sugiyarto
| Abstract views: 41 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia) views: 3